Shingle Roof Repairs in Porter and Houston, TX

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Tapias Roofing and Repairs is your one-stop-service for residential services, including professional roofing, painting, siding, and much more. We’ve made a name for ourselves in our many years of business by providing affordable, impeccable craftsmanship for the community. Our licensed, experienced professionals will help you transform your house into a home that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. For more information about our shingle roof repairs, call (936) 242-4375 and speak to our residential roofing contractors in Porter and Houston, TX.

We offer following services in the local area!

  • Roof Installation When you need installation you can be confident in, trust in the skill and expertise of our roofing contractors.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing For repairs or installation of asphalt shingles, call our team today for your free quote!
  • Roof Replacement Our team can replace your aging roofing system with a brand-new shingle roof.
  • Roof Repair Service For missing or damaged shingles, our roofing contractors offer fast and affordable repairs.
  • Architectural Shingles Get stronger wind resistance with magnificent style when you choose architectural shingles.
  • 3-Tab Shingles 3-Tab shingles come with easy installation and beautiful styling in your choice of color.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles Don’t worry about hail damage anymore with impact resistant shingles!
  • Synthetic Shingle Roofing For the appearance of wood, slate, or tile (but without the included hassle), try synthetic shingles.

Storm Damage Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

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In the Event of an Emergency, Call Our Roofing Repair Team as Quickly as Possible.

You can call our office anytime for your emergency roof repairs! Our courteous and diligent roofing contractors will respond quickly with a thorough roof inspection and damage prevention. Once the trauma has been assessed, our team can provide affordable options for repairing your home and protecting it from further damage. You don’t have to take on more stress! Call our roofing contractors in Porter and Houston, TX and schedule your repairs as soon as possible; you can reach our experts at (936) 242-4375. Remember, the sooner you contact us for emergency repairs, the more secondary damage our crew can prevent.

Hail & Storm Damage Roof Repair

It takes a dedicated and trained eye to uncover all the degradation caused by hail strikes. While the vast majority of the damage may show up on the rooftop, hail can penetrate beneath the asphalt layer of a shingle roof and crack the underlying fiberglass. This can lead to substantial leaks into a building’s interior.

Our team doesn’t just address hail damage, either. We also tackle deteriorated and torn shingles that have been harmed by extreme winds, rain, and debris. When you contact our team, we’ll work with your budget to provide the strongest defense for your home. For homeowners looking to improve the weather resistance of their property, Tapias Roofing and Repairs also supplies impact resistant, synthetic, and architectural shingles. When you’ve had enough of hail and storm damage, talk to our roofing contractors about upgrading your roofing system.

Roof Insurance Claims Specialists

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Trust in a Professional Roofer Than Can Document Your Rooftop Damage Completely.

Our roof insurance claim assistance program can help make a stressful situation much easier. Our residential roofing specialists aid you as your work through the claim process, starting with a complete inspection of your rooftop damage. One of our roofing contractors will help you document the damage to your roofing system, indicating which parts are most need to be included in your claim. Our veteran roofer then documents the trauma to serve as an additional resource for your insurance. Once your insurance claim has been granted, you can rely on our experts to repair the damage. 

Roof Leak Repair

Leaks are the perfect example of a minor problem that escalates quickly. One misplaced shingle can allow a leak that eventually rots insulation or even roof decking. By the time a leak becomes noticeable in your ceiling, water has traveled all the way from your rooftop through your sheathing. If your home is showing signs of a leak, contact our roofing contractors for a roof evaluation and leak repairs.

Soffit & Fascia Repair

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Soffit and Fascia Form the Underside of Your Roof and Support Your Gutters.

Two of the most under acknowledged portions of a roof, soffit and fascia form the underside and edges of your roofing system. They provide much needed ventilation and pest prevention that keeps your home cool and bug free. Over time, years of wear and tear can accumulate till you need repairs or even replacement. When your soffit vents deteriorate or your fascia is damaged by a loose gutter system, you can rely on Tapias Roofing and Repairs to provide fast and cost-effective repairs. Once we’ve complete repairs, we’ll make sure that your gutters are tightly fastened, so that your roof will be protected from unnecessary corrosion.

Chimney Services

Chimney Leak Repairs

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Make Sure Your Chimney Interior is Inspected Regularly to Prevent Fire Hazards.

Chimneys come with their own problems and hazards, such as worn down flashing or degraded sealant. An older chimney is particularly vulnerable to leaks, which can spread rapidly into your home interior without proper protection. Falling flue tiles, damaged mortar, split crowning can also make your once lovely chimney into a fire hazard. If your chimney is showing symptoms of damage, talk to one of our specialists about inspecting it. With a short consultation and little repair work, you can rest assured that your chimney will be back in action in no time! Call us today at (936) 242-4375 and talk to our roofing contractors in Porter and Houston, TX about taking a look at your chimney or scheduling repairs.

Chimney Stack Removal

If you need to remove a failing or damaged chimney from your roof, our team at Tapias Roofing and Repairs can help! Be wary of trusting your removal to amateurs, as inexperienced roofers may leave your roof improperly sealed or even damage nearby sections of your roof. Our roofing contractors will make sure that chimney removal is up to code and executed properly, so that your home is completely safe. We’ll treat your home with the same level of care and attention that we’d desire for our own homes. Schedule your removal today, or arrange for an inspection from one of our chimney experts. 

Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Roof Repair

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Entrust Your Mobile Home’s Roof Repairs to Our Courteous Professionals!

Your mobile home’s roofing system deserves careful attention and expert craftsmanship! At Tapias Roofing and Repairs, our experienced roofers provide affordable repairs that ensure your home is secure and protected against storm damage. We utilize strong, durable materials sourced from trustworthy manufactures, so that you can be confident in your roof. After all, why invest in weak, easily damaged materials?

All of our customers can expect a marvelous level of customer service and attention to detail. We want to make sure that your design and budgetary needs are completely satisfied. Give our team a call today at (936) 242-4375. We’ll answer all your questions and provide a free quote. Trust our roofing contractors in Porter and Houston, TX for all your repair needs!