Affordable Roofing Service for Local Residents

Roofing Service

Roof Work, Siding, or Painting: You Can Come to Our Residential Professionals to Do it All!

Our team here at Tapias Roofing and Repairs always strives to provide the cost-effective, impeccable roofing solutions that our community deserves. We only partner with certified, hard-working roofing professionals so that we can ensure our results meet and exceed your quality expectations. When you choose our experienced roofing experts, you can expect incredible craftsmanship and long-term protection for both your home and your family. For your trusted roofing service in Porter and Houston, TX, call (936) 242-4375 for the experts at Tapias Roofing and Repairs.

One Stop Shop for Residential Services

To better help our local customers, we’ve been expanding our available services for some time now. You can now come to Tapias Roofing and Repairs for all of your residential roofing needs, for both traditional and mobile homes.  That includes everything from comprehensive inspections to emergency roof repairs and roof replacement.

Our team also provides a host of other services, such as window replacement, chimney removal, skylight repairs, and patio remodeling. (936) 242-4375 is the number to remember during your home renovations. We offer impressively cost-effective services to help you transform your residence into your dream house. 

Affordable, Trusted Roofing Service

Why leave your home in the hands of amateurs? With Tapias Roofing and Repairs, you’ll receive results that will last your home for decades, with enhanced functionality and durability. Your family can trust us to provide lasting repairs that ensure all the aspects of your roof are left in great health, including little thought of like the fascia or soffit. Call on our roofing service in Porter and Houston, TX for all your residential roof and repair needs!