Does Your Roof Have Wind Damage?

tree fallen on house after a storm

Trees Falling on Roofs Are Common Signs of Roof Wind Damage

Storms are scary enough, but seeing debris flying around outside from such heavy winds just increases the panic. If the flying debris hits your roof or if the wind is so strong that it rips up your shingles, your roof is left exposed to the elements and can risk further damage. If you use tree growth regulators on your trees to make them bigger, beware because if a storm hits and your tree gets knocked down, it can do serious damage to your roof. Entire trees can fall on roofs, or branches and limbs can pierce windows and roofs. Be prepared for when the next storm comes by getting quality roof installation out of durable materials that can withstand the forces of wind. If you have a wind damaged roof in Porter and Houston, TX and need repairs, call Tapias Roofing and Repairs at (936) 242-4375 today.

How To Look For Roof Wind Damage

Roof wind damage can look very similar to rain and hail damage, but there are some key signs that distinguish it:

  • Debris and leaves in your gutters. Rain and hail would have washed them out, not blown them into your gutters.
  • Your flashing can become warped and mangled.
  • Shingles can become warped and twisted.
  • Shingles will split or be completely blown off your roof.
  • Sometimes so many shingles will get blown off in one area that it leaves the entire felt matting and decking visible. This is bad, as it gives easy access for water to seep through your roof and create leaks in your home.