How do you create an outdoor living space on a budget?

patio made of brick and tile surrounded by flowers

Does a patio add value to a house? 

In recent years, the patio has become an extension of our homes. We want to entertain our guests, or simply relax in quiet beauty. For homes that don’t have that ‘perfect’ setting patio to create that extension, a homeowner can do a patio remodel on a budget. With that, the search for patio remodels contractors begin!

Before that begins though, there are many questions to be answered first, and we have a few of them answered here, with the first question being … 

Definitely!  Adding a patio, or a patio remodel, that comes off the family room, extends the area where you can go to dine, entertain, relax, and add value to your home. Whether it is a simple dry-laid patio or a patch of gravel, maybe a covered patio or an above-ground deck, it extends your home’s interior. Today, that adds to your home is one of the best-selling improvements, next to the kitchen, that will get you a big ROI, as much as 12% or more.

What is cheaper decking or patio?

Any renovation project, whether it is a bathroom, the kitchen, a deck or patio remodel, the budget is a key factor in what you choose. The things you choose will start with the size and how detailed you want to get. With decks and patio remodel, they can start around $5,000 and go upwards to $20,000, even more.

Those numbers have many variances, including: 

  • The materials you choose: Concrete, vinyl, or wood
  • The location of the deck or patio: Sitting on the ground, above ground, attached directly to the house, or a short distance away, and if attached, will a new entrance need to be included in the deck or patio remodel?
  • The size: If this is an addition or a patio remodel, the size of the job will be a big part of the cost.
  • The features: An outdoor kitchen with all the appliances or only a built-in barbecue, do you need railings (if above ground, that is a must) and how much and what type of seating, lighting, entertainment pieces like a television or a stereo with wireless speakers.

Other considerations that can determine how much is spent on a deck addition or a patio remodel is the existing yard. Is it flat or is there a slope to be dealt with? If you’re going for a patio, a sloped yard could be an expense to build and, just like the HVAC system in your home that requires regular maintenance, so will a patio that had to have the ground leveled to build it.  

So, which is cheaper, decking or a patio? It is all going to depend on what you want. 

How do I make my deck cozy? 

It takes very little effort, money, or time to create a cozy feel and look on any deck or for a patio remodel, no matter how large or small the area. The only limits you have in your creative flow and your imagination! A few ideas to get you started:

  • A Focal Point:
  • Creating a focal point will give a cozy feel to your deck. It draws people together and can be as simple as an outdoor rug or create a seating area with comfy chairs around a coffee table and comfy chairs. The focal point can be an outdoor fire pit or a water feature.  
  • Minimize the Large:
  • A large deck or a patio remodel doesn’t have to be filled with furniture and other objects. Choose a few select pieces and cluster them together so your guests feel closer and can carry on a conversation. If you have a large area and plenty of furniture, set up two or three seating areas. Place chairs around the grill with potted plants scattered around.
  • Space With Style:
  • If the budget has room, add a hot tub. Stringing outdoor lighting around the deck will give the area a cozy glow. Add several outdoor pillows on the furniture.  
  • Greenery:
  • Plants are budget-friendly, easy, and quick way to spruce up any deck or patio area. Change them out with the seasons and buy perennials that will bloom again next year, saving you money by not having to replace them.
  • Warmth With Colors:
  • Spring and summer are bright colors, fall and winter are subdued, warm colors. Choose pillows in those colors to stay with the season.

How do you decorate a patio? 

Extending your home’s entertainment and living space to the patio doesn’t have to break the budget for a complete patio remodel. Here, we offer some inexpensive ideas that will give your patio a comfortable and cozy feeling so good, nobody will want to go back inside! 

Go Vertical

With a small patio, go upward with the patio remodel by adding vertical elements that draw your guest’s eyes up. Cover one wall in bamboo or buy inexpensive containers and fill with small plants and hang from the ceiling or fasten to a wall.

Brighten Up with Color Splashes

Nothing makes a patio remodel complete than bright colors! Purchase a few inexpensive containers at the bargain store and spray paint them bright colors. If they don’t cover completely, use a little sandpaper to give them that weathered look. Use different colors of spray paint for metal chair frames then add brightly colored and printed cushions and pillows.

A Tabletop Tray

Take an old metal tray, paint it, then put on top of an old table or on top of milk crates turned sideways, then you have storage with your patio remodel and give it that colorful, chic look.

End-of-Season Bargains

To furnish a patio remodel on a budget, shop for outdoor pieces at the end of the season. Labor Day weekend is usually full of sales, but it is that week after that they really start marking it down. 

That One Architectural Item

Less is more, especially when it comes to doing a patio remodel on a budget! Find that one architectural item at a resale shop and make it the focal point of your patio. It may be a wall sconce, or a birdcage, or an ottoman. Be creative! 

wood deck

How do I make a shade in my backyard? 

To add shade to your patio remodel, we offer the following suggestions: 

  • Trees – plant a few trees that make a shade and they are eco-friendly too!
  • Gazebo – Even a small gazebo with a small bench will give you a place to enjoy the fresh air in shade.
  • Patio Umbrella – This is the fastest way to get shade in your backyard.
  • A Pop-up Canopy – Does the same as a patio umbrella, except you can move it with the sun.
  • Patio Curtains – They don’t have to be expensive, high-quality curtains, just something light and airy.

Once you have made your mind up that a patio remodel is what you want, interview 2 or 3 patio remodel contractors to get ideas and quotes. Ask for references and pictures of patio remodel before and after jobs, they have completed. Do the same for an HVAC contractor and ask for their license and insurance. Call (936) 242-4375 today to get started on your patio remodeling in Porter and Houston, TX.