Asphalt Shingle Installation

Shingle Roofing

For New Roofing or Simple Repairs, We Offer Numerous Colors and Styles of Shingles.

Is it finally time to switch your house’s worn out or aging shingle roof? At Tapias Roofing and Repairs, we are trained technicians with an abundance of experience in asphalt shingle roofing in Porter and Houston, TX. If basic repairs just aren’t enough to provide your roofing the protection it requires, we can also supply you with high quality shingle installation options that are designed to accommodate your precise needs. If you’re looking for a pricing quote, contact us today at (936) 242-4375, since the cost for asphalt shingle roofing installations can vary based on a materials and sizing.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Benefits

Recognized as one of the most traditional and inexpensive roofing types, asphalt shingle roofs are created from asphalt granules on top of fiberglass matting. The kind of asphalt roofing you choose is entirely up to your personal taste, and you have plenty of colors, shapes, as well as styles to pick from. If you choose to sell the house, we suggest a simple and traditional style that offers a nice, clean look.

If selling is not your intent, you should pick the shingle that looks greatest to you and provides the best protection. Regardless of which type you pick, you can depend on your shingle roof for years to come. If you want your new roofing to last, it is essential to schedule annual maintenance and repair appointments!

Installing Shingles

We Have Shingles for Gentle and Steep Slope Roof Systems.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement & Restoration

It’s time to start looking into roof replacement options when your shingle roof passes fifteen years of use. You are not limited to a few choices in this roof style, and we are able to provide an extensive selection for you to consider. In order to supply our customers with improved asphalt shingle roofing solutions, our experienced team uses top quality materials and craftsmanship. If you are in the market for asphalt shingle roofing in Porter and Houston, TX, repairs or installation, call our team at (936) 242-4375 today! You can bet on our team for dependable as well as cost-effective residential shingle roof solutions.