Fascia Repairs and Replacement

Fascia Repairs

Your Fascia is the Main Point of Connection for Your Gutter System.

If seen from the plane of the street, fascia will command a vision of a home. We strive at Tapias Roofing and Repairs to ensure that your fascia gets the same amount of scrutiny as various other parts of your roofing. Fascia, the lengthy, straight board that protects the terminus of your rafters, also offers a mount for the gutters. Rotted fascia could provide the reason for leakage in your residence or issues with pests.

Over the years, even the most durable fascia will begin to decay and show signs of corrosion. If a casual inspection uncovers proof of damage, you must get your fascia fixed fast. Call (936) 242-4375 today for fascia repair in Porter and Houston, TX from the masters at Tapias Roofing and Repairs.

Does Your Fascia Need Repair or Replacement?

An easy visual inspection will showcase whether your fascia necessitates expert attention or replacement. If you believe that your fascia is near the end of its expect lifetime, then an expert review should judge its continued effectiveness. Don’t forget that fascia stands between your roof and interior damage from weather forces and pests. You can protect against more costly work across your whole roof if you keep your fascia in excellent repair.

Fascia Repair

Healthy Fascia Protects Your Home From Interior Roof and Insulation Damage.

Water Damage: Fascia can become liable to water damage as it spends years as a mount for your rain gutters. Malfunctioning or degraded gutters will spill water onto your fascia, causing accelerated corrosion and paint loss. Old age will additionally endanger your fascia to water damage. As fascia becomes water damaged, the boards can distort and unbind, thus making the inside of your roofing vulnerable to wear.

Peeling Paint: Paint that has begun to peel will create an ugly problem that impacts your house’s curb appeal. Since the peeling paint will no longer protect the wood from rot, it will additionally act as a signal of impending damage. Rotted fascia will no longer perform its job appropriately, and should get replaced soon. If nothing else, a new coat of paint for your fascia will offer some protection and an instant face lift for your residence.

Call Tapias Roofing and Repairs for Fascia Repairs

Your fascia provides a very practical service for your house. Periodic maintenance of your fascia can help ensure the long life of your roofing. For fascia repair in Porter and Houston, TX, entrust the team at Tapias Roofing and Repairs. To find out more or schedule service, call our team now at (936) 242-4375.