Affordable Chimney Repair Service

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Inspection is an Important Part of Your Annual Roof Checkup.

Is the chimney a frequently used asset for your house, or is it often forgotten or neglected? Chimney checkups should forever be included in your annual roofing inspection, no matter how frequently you use it. Broken chimneys create both a fire threat and a collapsing threat to your home and loved ones, so even small damages should be addressed as quickly as possible. Do not wait for the damages to worsen when you can order chimney repair in Porter and Houston, TX from Tapias Roofing and Repairs at a cost effective price quickly. To request a quote, or to set up an assessment time, call us now at (936) 242-4375.

Affordable Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

When it comes to inspecting or cleaning your chimney, it is best to delegate this tricky task to the professionals. In order to address this, we are glad to offer chimney cleaning and inspection to our customers for an affordable cost. Our specialists are painstakingly thorough during chimney inspections, and we will alert you to any of the typical indications of disrepair seen on your chimney. Common chimney problems include failing mortar, falling flue tiles, damaged wallpaper, as well as splits on the crown.

If your chimney is at risk of collapsing, cracked mortar is potentially the reason, and should be fixed promptly or removed altogether. Flue tiles, which line the chimney, are in place to supply safeguards against house fires, so if flue tiles are falling out of the fireplace, contact us for repairs immediately. The crown is an essential installation that’s designed to keep rain from falling down your chimney, so if you have damaged wallpaper around your fireplace, it may point to a damaged crown.

Chimney Cleaner

If Your Chimney Has Been Damaged by Years of Use, Have Our Experts Repair it.

Professional Chimney Damage Repair

Do not allow your minor chimney damages to cause a fire or roofing collapse by putting off repairs. Contact our experts at (936) 242-4375 as soon as possible for speedy and effective chimney repair in Porter and Houston, TX or the nearby areas. After years of experience, our professionals can assist you with all of your roof needs, in addition to your chimney inspection or your chimney cleaning. Start enjoying your home’s fireplace again, with the help of our experts; take advantage of a qualified repair service before your chimney stack becomes too damaged to repair.