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Double Hung Window

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In residential houses, there are several different kinds of windows that are typically seen. There are specific windows that are associated with luxury design, and double hung windows are among that group. If a double hung window installation seems like the perfect addition to your home, our team is here to assist you with our expert installation services! If you already possess double hung windows in your house, and they’re needing some attention, we even offer affordable double hung window repair in Porter and Houston, TX and the nearby cities. We have expertise in all kinds of window services, so whatever you might need, our experts can help you at (936) 242-4375 now!

What is a Double Hung Window?

All in all, a double hung window is made with two sashes, and both of them can open and close. Many homes are fitted with classic single hung windows, which are similarly made of two sashes, but only the bottom sash can open and close. Besides how fantastically stylish they are, double hung windows provide your home with a selection of other benefits as well. These windows are perfect for improving your house’s energy efficiency, in addition to delivering improved ventilation when opened.

They’re not impervious to damage however, so if you find your home in need of double hung window repair, our experts are able to assist you. Our crew understands that your repairs need to be finished swiftly. We do our best to stock a wide selection of double hung windows, along with various sizes for you to select from.

Double Hung Window Services

Double hung windows continue to stand out in the industry, and are one of our most preferred window options every year. If you’re interested in adding a double hung window (or a few) in your house, contact us today at (936) 242-4375! In order to provide our clients with the ideal experience, we strive to provide you with expert installation, in addition to top-quality materials. If you already own a double hung window in your house that’s needing repairs, bear in mind that we also provide budget-friendly double hung window repair in Porter and Houston, TX and the nearby areas. You can even count on us for additional kinds of windows too, such as vinyl windows, along with single hung windows.