Roof Decking And Sheathing

Roof Decking

Decking Needs to Support the Full Weight of Your Roof, Plus Any Debris or Condensation On It.

Regardless of what kind of roof you decide to install for your house, the foundation of the roof is going to be one of the first essential parts to consider. You may have heard of roof decking or roof sheathing before; both of those names refer to the roofing foundation. Your roof decking can be crafted from a variety of building materials. Decking material needs to be able to support the weight of your roofing materials, while also playing a part in the prevention of roof leaks. There are plenty of options for roof decking in Porter and Houston, TX. To learn more, give our experts a ring at (936) 242-4375 today! The contractors at Tapias Roofing and Repairs are prepared and happy to assist with all of your roofing requirements.

Why is Roof Decking Important?

As we said before, your roof is defended and supported by its decking in several different ways. Before the widespread installation of roof decking, it was common to see problems with roof damage, severe leaks, and other expensive problems. However, roof decks have significantly improved the roofing industry, making roofs more resilient, safe, and reliable. The type of decking you pick needs to be durable enough to support whichever roof material you choose.

Your roof decking is responsible for supporting more than just the weight of your roof materials, and will also be in charge of holding up any additional stress weight placed on your system. Incidentally, if a storm blows branches or debris on top of the roofing system, a well-designed roof deck system will easily maintain the structure of the roof under the added weight.

Service You Can Count On

While our professional contractors here at Tapias Roofing and Repairs believe that all parts of the roof are essential, we can all agree that roof decking is the most important. If you are looking to repair, replace, or install reliable roof decking in Porter and Houston, TX, contact us now at (936) 242-4375. Our expert roofers are happy to walk you through the roof process, as well as answer any questions you may have.