Soffit Repair

Soffit Repair

Your Soffit Protects the Underside of Your Roof From Pest Invasion and Moisture Damage.

Soffit, the material that links the roofing overhang to the side of the building, often is often constructed from vinyl or aluminum. Despite the fact that homeowners don’t dedicated much of their time to thinking about it, soffit is a crucial component of roofing that offers valuable benefits every day. Soffit protects the eaves of a home, which would be completely bare otherwise.

An indispensable style component for any residence, soffit additionally protects the roof from moisture damage and deterioration from pests. Without your soffit, the underside of your roof would be extremely vulnerable to the one-two punch of rain and heavy wind. Roofs that benefit from soffit maintenance will gain longer lifespans. Give Tapias Roofing and Repairs a ring at (936) 242-4375 when you need soffit repair in Porter and Houston, TX.

Do You Need Soffit Repair?

The weather and pests can deteriorate your soffit over the years. Your soffit will need occasional repair or replacement just like any other component of your roofing. If you notice any of the following signs, contact our team for maintenance for prompt repairs.

Brown Stains: If leakage from your roofing has begun to affect your soffit, you may see some brown staining. As water passes through tar on the inside of your roofing, it can create the brownish stains. Fixing this leak is essential for preserving the integrity of your roof. Water-damaged soffit becomes open to rot, so you will also need to replace deteriorated segments if the leak is left alone for long.

Buckling: An additional signal of water damage to your soffit, buckling occurs when the soffit material has become regularly corroded by water. This can happen because of leaks in your roof or clogged ventilation.

Leaking Gutters: Malfunctioning gutters cause significant damage to a roof, and can cause your soffit to require early replacement. Again, if the additional wear isn’t addressed quickly, you’ll experience more problems with your roof down the road (probably with your fascia or insulation).

Soffit Repair

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In addition to defending against water, soffit additionally spares your roof damage from pests. At the same time, insects and birds like to build nests on the soffit. Trouble from critters and water will most likely become apparent with a casual review of your soffit. Phone our team today at (936) 242-4375 if you see any necessity for soffit service in Porter and Houston, TX. At Tapias Roofing and Repairs, we are your local professionals for the repair and service of soffit.