Roof Insurance Claims

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Have a Roofing Expert Supply Additional Documentation for Your Insurance Claim.

Porter and Houston, TX roof insurance claim assistance is just a call away for your residence! When you uncover you must file roof damage insurance claims for your home, you may begin to feel apprehensive or confused. Filing is a process that is exasperating and tough for the homeowner as you consider what damage is pertinent and should be filed. This means that hail and storm damage can be left unrepaired or create more damage as you scrutinize what is relevant for your insurance claim. At Tapias Roofing and Repairs, we are your roof damage insurance claims experts. We provide roofing inspection services to aid you in assessing your roof after the storm has passed. Our roofing contractors thoroughly inspect your roof system, discovering all damage and examine your choices for your roofing system. We will suggest if your should file and whether the damage is substantial enough to file. Our damage report can assist as part of your documentation when you are cooperating with your insurance company for repair.

When you want repair and replacement, we are always ready to assist you and supply the best service in town. Call us today at (936) 242-4375 to begin on your roof damage insurance claims. As your trusted, community roofing contractor, we want you to get every dime you are owed. Though the insurance adjuster makes its own review, there is a good chance we can identify issues they will miss. Contact our team after you go through a major weather event, even when the trouble isn't obvious. After we perform our inspection, we will stay available to assist you throughout the insurance procedure.

Process of Roofing Claims

Roofing system inspections from your roofing company can actually be very helpful to you while navigating your roof damage insurance claims process. When you call to file, you will schedule an appointment with your insurance adjuster to do their own assessment. They investigate the damage to decide on the essential repairs for the roofing for your insurance claim. Having paperwork from a roofing contractor’s inspection will allow you to know all of the current damage prior to the adjuster coming out, and it doubles as additional proof for filing. Your documentation for the insurance adjuster can include the roof system inspection summary and contact information for the roofing company.

You may also want to forward any before and after photographs you may have of your roofing as visual evidence. All of the information from you and the adjuster’s inspection will make up a damage report that is sent to you. Repairs can commence when you receive your first check with your damage report. After repairs are concluded, your insurance company will receive an invoice from your roofing contractor and they send a second check.

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Roof Damage Insurance Claims

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At Tapias Roofing and Repairs, our team of certified, expert roofing contractors are always ready to aid you through the procedure of roof damage insurance claims. From primary inspection to roofing system repair or replacement, we help you through every part of this process. Your specifications and satisfaction are paramount, and as such we take time to ensure you are totally apprised on the roofing process and your needs are met. Get started with our licensed team today! Call Tapias Roofing and Repairs at (936) 242-4375 for your roof damage insurance claims in Porter and Houston, TX and the surrounding area.